Why is February Considered the Best Time to Visit Sikkim?

Majestic peaks, frozen lakes, chilly breeze, and fluffy snow, is this what paradise looks like? Sikkim in February will make you ask this question. February is the best month to visit Sikkim for snow lovers or those who have never experienced it. Sikkim’s tourist spots during February offer an entirely different kind of experience. Even the resorts in Sikkim look completely different and feel cosy and intimate. So, if you’re still not ready to trade your winter plans for a trip to Sikkim, allow us to persuade you.

Let’s look at why February is the best month to visit Sikkim.

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Why winter is the Best Season for Sikkim

Here’s why January can be considered the best month to visit Sikkim:

1. Snow: Sikkim in February turns into a magical snowy place, especially in the mountains. The soft snow covers everything like a cosy blanket, making it look really pretty. The air feels fresh, and when you walk on the snow, it makes a cool, crunchy sound. It’s a great time for people who love nature and taking cool pictures.

The whole place becomes quiet and peaceful, making it perfect for those who enjoy the calmness of winter. February is the best month to visit Sikkim as everything sparkles with snow, and it’s just really, really beautiful.

2. Clear Views: The air tends to be crisp and clear in February, providing excellent visibility of the breath-taking Himalayan mountain ranges. This makes it an ideal time for mountain enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts.

Weather in Sikkim in February

Embrace the exhilarating chill of Sikkim’s winter, where temperatures dance between a crisp 2°C (39°F) and a refreshing 7°C (45°F). Dive into a world of enchantment as the region transforms into a winter wonderland, radiating warmth and beauty.

Don’t miss the chance to venture to Mountains cloaked in a dazzling blanket of snow, inviting you to a magical winter escapade. Brace yourself for the thrill of regularly occurring snowfall in the high-altitude areas of the state, promising awe-inspiring scenes that will make your winter adventure truly extraordinary!

Places to Visit in Sikkim in February

1. Yumthang

At 8,800 feet, Yumthang is Lachung’s ‘Valley of Flowers’ in North Sikkim. If there’s no snow at Yumthang, head a bit higher to Zero Point, always covered in crisp snow, making it a top spot to explore in North Sikkim in February. At Zero Point, you’ll see vast white landscapes turning colourful during sunrise.

Lachung, the charming village, is a delight itself. You might find the town covered in deep snow, with colourful huts, cottages, frozen streams, and bare trees poking out of soft white mounds. A February trip to Lachung feels like stepping into Narnia through an old rustic wardrobe. If you want to experience snowfall in Sikkim in February, head to Lachung.

Location: Yumthang Valley, Lachen

How to reach: Drive 7 hours from Gangtok to Yumthang

Note: Check the road conditions before planning your visit to Yumthang and Zero Point as the roads may be blocked due to snow.

2. Zuluk

At 14,500 feet, Zuluk is a small village in a scenic valley, accessible via the Old Silk Route marking the Indo-China border. The drive on the Silk Route’s winding roads is like a thrilling roller coaster.

Zuluk’s valley boasts captivating landscapes, friendly locals, and a rich culture, providing close-up views of snowy Kanchenjunga peaks. The sunrise and sunset at Thambi Viewpoint are magnificent.

Watching such a view makes one realize why winter is the best season for Sikkim.

Location: East of Gangtok on the border of Sikkim and Tibet Autonomous Region (China)

How to reach: Take a cab ride from Jalpaiguri Railway Station, covering a distance of 91 km.

Note: Check the road conditions before planning your visit to Zuluk as the roads may be blocked due to snow.

3. Kaluk

Nestled 2 km from Rinchenpong at an altitude of 5,300 feet, Kaluk is an undiscovered village inhabited by the Lepcha tribe. Ideal for those seeking respite from Sikkim’s chilly temperatures, Kaluk offers tranquil and eco-friendly surroundings with majestic views of Kanchenjunga. Explore the scenic trek to Rinchenpong through snow-covered forests and meadows for a serene experience.

Location: Hee Bermiok, Pelling, West Sikkim

How to reach: Take a drive from Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station to Pelling, then proceed to Hee Bermiok (1.5 hours).

Tip: Visit Gurung Monastery in Kaluk for gorgeous views from atop a hill.

4. Darap Village

Darap Village is a hidden gem in Sikkim. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot, making it the perfect place to visit in February. You can enjoy activities like morning walks in the village, sitting by streams, and exploring nature. Your trip to Sikkim won’t be complete without experiencing the cultural and natural beauty of this place.

Location: Situated 8 km from Pelling en route to Yuksom

How to reach: To reach Darap Village, travel from Pelling towards the road to Yuksom in Sikkim.

5. Ravangla

Ravangla, a renowned tourist destination in South Sikkim, captivates with its stunning views. Perched at 7,000 feet in the Maenam Hills’ foothills, it transforms into a winter wonderland, offering serene weather and panoramic snow-capped mountain vistas. Exploring Shar Chok Bephu Cave, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Ralong Monastery, and Ravangla Monastery in February adds to the enchantment.

Location: South Sikkim

How to reach: You can travel by road from nearby towns or cities, with the nearest major town being Gangtok.

6. Nathang Valley

Nathang Valley, situated at an awe-inspiring elevation of 13,500 feet along the Silk Route, exudes tranquillity. Often referred to as the ‘Ladakh of Sikkim,’ this charming town unveils untouched landscapes, once the haven for Tibetan yak herders seeking refuge. It remains a delightful destination for mountain lovers, preserving its pristine beauty amid the untouched high-altitude terrain.

Location: East Sikkim

How to reach: You can embark on a journey through the Silk Route, accessible by road, with the nearest major entry points being Gangtok and Siliguri.

Stay at Club Mahindra Le Vintuna Resort in Gangtok, Sikkim

Situated on the banks of the Rani-chu river and surrounded by the echoes of Gangtok mountains, Club Mahindra La Vintuna emerges as one of India’s cherished holiday destinations, offering breath-taking landscapes, melodious bird songs as morning serenades, and sprawling greens serving as your family’s personal playground.

February is one of the best months to visit Sikkim and Club Mahindra La Vintuna. This resort in Gangtok transforms into a winter paradise, surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes adorned with a blanket of snow, creating a scenic and magical ambience.

Cosy Retreat Amidst Nature: The colder weather enhances the cozy atmosphere, providing an ideal setting for intimate moments by the poolside and family gatherings around a warm bonfire, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Artistic Pursuits Indoors: February invites guests to indulge in indoor activities like the rock painting class, offering a creative escape from the winter chill.

Culinary Delights: February brings an added charm to the culinary experiences, allowing guests to relish regional delicacies while enjoying the cosy ambience, making each meal a delightful journey.

The unique combination of winter charm, artistic pursuits, culinary delights, and family-friendly activities makes Club Mahindra Baiguney one of the best resorts in Sikkim and an exceptional and unforgettable destination in February.

Sikkim in February is like entering a snowy fairy tale. The whole region gets covered in a soft, white blanket of snow, creating a magical atmosphere. The air is crisp and clear, offering stunning views of the Himalayas. February brings festivities, with Christmas celebrations adding a vibrant touch.

Whether you prefer cultural sites like Tashiding Monastery or the tranquillity of Nathang Valley, February is the best month to visit Sikkim. It’s an ideal time to make cherished memories in this Himalayan paradise.

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