Utho Transforming Cloud Computing in India: Affordable, Innovative Solutions for SMBs and Startups

In a revolutionary step reshaping the corporate landscape, Utho, India’s first public cloud platform, is providing a new era of affordability and cost reduction in cloud services. Acknowledging the crucial role of cloud technology in contemporary business operations, Utho strategically positioned itself to offer corporates and companies unparalleled cost-effective solutions.

As per a research report, India’s transition to a developed economy, driven by technology, aims for a projected GDP of US$26 trillion by 2047. With a digitally literate population of 1.64 billion seeking services, the exponential growth in mobile and internet usage necessitates the expansion of data centers. Cloud computing, transforming from a facilitator to a catalyst, is fueling creativity and corporate expansion.

Additionally, by 2026, cloud technology is poised to contribute 8% to India’s GDP, potentially boosting it by US$310-380 billion. To harness the full potential of India’s cloud market, sustained annual growth of 25-30%, reaching US$18.5 billion by 2027, is crucial.

Utho provides an integrated and cost-effective virtualized infrastructure solution, aiding small and medium businesses in streamlining the management of both traditional and modern applications. The company introduces a simplified and integrated virtualized infrastructure solution to the SMB market, offering enterprise-class hybrid multi-cloud architecture at an accessible price point.

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“At Utho, our dedication lies in providing innovative solutions that empower customers, irrespective of their size or industry,” stated Manoj Dhanda, Founder and CTO of Utho. “We aim to deliver simplified, cost-effective virtualization solutions, enabling us to prioritize innovation and gain a competitive edge.”

“We’ve observed a notable transition from cloud-first to cloud-smart strategies as IT organizations prioritize solutions with the quickest ROI for the business,” noted Kusum Dhanda, Co-Founder and COO of Utho. “We offer customers a top-tier and budget-friendly hybrid cloud infrastructure catering to a variety of workloads.”

A New Marketplace for Premier Cloud Services
As digital startups and enterprises aim to expand their cloud-native operations, they encounter challenges related to the cost, complexity, and vendor lock-in associated with major cloud providers. The lack of flexibility in choosing services tailored to their needs, coupled with the complexities of navigating intricate controls, services, and configuration challenges, creates obstacles. Simultaneously, issues such as limited server locations and network connectivity give rise to latency problems and concerns about data residency, affecting application delivery, performance, and the overall customer experience.

In response to these challenges, Utho, recognized as the sole compliant independent cloud computing provider. This groundbreaking initiative includes a new marketplace featuring cost-effective alternatives to Big Tech cloud offerings, empowering organizations to overcome the limitations imposed by major cloud providers.

Utho new Cloud Alliance

In a significant industry shift, Utho is redefining cloud computing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with its cost-effective services. Offering up to 60% lower rates than traditional hyperscalers, Utho has attracted over 1000 SMBs, marking a trend of migration towards more affordable cloud solutions.

Its ‘Made in India’ tag appeals strongly to local businesses, aligning with their values and economic aspirations. Particularly beneficial for startups, Utho’s reduced costs enable these emerging companies to focus on growth and innovation.

This emerging preference for Utho signifies a growing trust in its efficient, budget-friendly, and locally resonant cloud services.

About Utho
Utho, India’s first public cloud provider, is committed to offering innovative and reliable solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a decade of experience in the industry, Utho understands the challenges companies face with traditional cloud service providers and have built services to overcome those limitations.

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