Transforming Debt Recovery with Markytics Smart Collect AI: A Strategic Approach to NPA Reduction

The financial world is changing fast, and Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) are becoming a big problem for Banks, MFIs, and NBFCs. But now, new platforms like Smart Collect AI from Markytics India’s Top Artificial Intelligence Company is changing the game. This smart tool uses artificial intelligence to help these institutions get better at collecting debt. With cool features built to improve how things work, make things more correct, and in the end, lower NPAs, it’s truly a game-changer.

Feedback from well-known Bank: Markytics Smart Collect AI has helped us streamline our collection processes using Artificial Intelligence. They have reduced our NPAs by 5% and helped in increasing collection efficiency.

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Below are the highlights of key features of this product:

Dynamic Segmentation of Customers for Tailored Approaches:

Parameters like risk levels and past payments are considered by Smart Collect AI’s Flexible segmentation. It helps banks fit their debt recovery plans to their customers better. Different strategies for different risk buckets, that’s the key. Smart Collect AI makes recovery process more efficient by utilizing optimal bank resources.

Automated Communication Strategies:

Debt recovery needs clear communication. That’s exactly where Smart Collect AI helps, by sending custom reminders, alerts and unique offers to debtors using optimal communication channels like WhatsApp, Voice Bot, and Dialers. Using right channels for right communication enhances the relationship between debtors and lenders for a healthier financial future.

Workflow Optimization for Efficiency:

Smart Collect AI improves debt collection process by automating routine tasks and simplifying the process. It automatically assigns tasks to relevant authorities and track its progress while seamlessly working with other systems like Core Banking Solution, LOS and LMS of bank, leaving more time for bank to handle NPAs.

Customer Behavior Analysis for Proactive Measures:

Getting to know how customers act helps tell us about credit risks. Smart Collect AI digs into how customers spend money, their money habits, and other key actions. With this approach focused on numbers and facts, banks can cut down the chances of non-performing assets coming up.

Real-Time Monitoring and Performance Analytics:

The AI tool provides live tracking and detailed analytics on performance. Banks can monitor how well their debt recovery plans are working, find places to get better, and adjust based on facts. This steady stream of feedback helps keep the debt recovery process flexible and ready for change. RIGHT INFORMATION TO RIGHT PERSON AT RIGHT TIME.

Predictive Analytics for Informed Decision-Making:

Smart Collect AI uses predictive analytics to predict risk of default. It looks at past data, finding patterns in data. This helps banks and other money lending institutions make wise choices about who might not be able to pay back their loans. This forward-thinking method lets lenders act early to avoid problems, cutting down the chance of NPAs.

Early Warning Systems to Mitigate Risks:

An AI tool offers alert systems that always checks customer cibil data and generates alerts if customer is defaulting at other banks. Smart Collect AI gives quick warnings, letting banks step in sooner. This way, it stops accounts from becoming non-performing.

Markytics has been recognized as India’s Top Risk Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Company by well-known Banks, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). Its solution enables financial organizations to actively oversee credit risk, optimize- recovery procedures, and ultimately lessen Non-Performing Assets.

On daily basis Markytics Smart Collect AI processes more than 3 Million of customer data by incorporating sophisticated machine learning algorithms, automation, and customized correspondence. As the financial sector continuously progresses, Smart Collect AI stands as evidence of the transformative capability of artificial intelligence in mitigating challenges connected to NPA.

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