Top 5 Influential Entrepreneurs of 2024

These entrepreneurs have overcome several challenges to build successful businesses and are known for their innovation and inspiration to others. Here is the list of the top 5 business leaders in India in 2024, who are likely to continue to be prominent figures in their respective industries.

1. Ms. Tanuushka K Lal, COO of Kosmoderma Healthcare

Ms. Tanuushka is a distinguished business leader in India, having earned a place among the Top 30 Dynamic Business Leaders and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Kosmoderma Healthcare, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, offering safe and affordable world-class procedures. She holds a degree in Hotel Management from the Netherlands and boasts an impressive 20+ years of experience in the hotel industry, both nationally and internationally. Her expertise shines through in her exceptional people management skills, coaching abilities, and leadership qualities. She is a strong advocate for nurturing leadership capabilities, firmly believing in their importance. She also possesses a keen foresight when it comes to revenue and ROI, and she excels in cost management. Her ability to maintain harmony and control across all organizational levels is truly commendable. With a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, Tanuushka K Lal is a progressive and self-driven professional whose contributions to the business world are undeniable.

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2. Ms. Divya Advani Bharwani, Founder, SajKe

Ms. Divya Advani, the visionary founder of SajKe, is on a mission to empower women by creating a fashion brand that goes beyond style. SajKe, a manifestation of Divya’s passion, aims to instil comfort, motivation, and confidence in women across diverse walks of life. Her commitment to both environmental sustainability and human welfare is evident in the diverse range of products offered by SajKe. Divya’s brand encapsulates a perfect blend of grace and gumption, reflecting her profound belief that fashion can be a force for positive change. With an unwavering dedication to her vision, Divya is redefining the fashion landscape and inspiring women to embrace their strength with SajKe.

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3. Mr. Rahul Dhar, Strategic Consultant, ISAAC Luxe Clinic

Mr. Rahul Dhar, an enterprising innovator, has navigated the Telecom industry with a zeal for resolving intricate technological challenges in India’s Telecom & ISP Markets. Transitioning from corporate roles to consultancy, Rahul’s expertise became instrumental in guiding Tier-1 ISP Companies, fostering network optimization and performance enhancement strategies. He has since branched out into the AI space and is considered a leader in that field. Rahul Dhar’s narrative stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, encapsulating a profound commitment to innovation and problem-solving within India’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

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4. Makeup Artist Amrita Singh

In the vibrant and culturally rich city of Delhi, amid its bustling streets and cosmopolitan fervor, resides a visionary makeup artist whose artistry has redefined beauty. Enter Poise By Amrita Singh, an eminent figure in the makeup industry, whose adept skills wield a transformative power, illuminating faces with grace and allure. She is trained by Namrata Soni in Mumbai and has furthermore learned Cinema and Fashion makeup from Cory Wallia and Clint Fernandes (Mumbai). She has also learned from Pooja Khurana Delhi. One of the most prosperous makeup artists and retaining years of experience, they propose top-class services to their clients by comprehending their essences and their desires and functioning consequently. Her story began as a voyage of self-discovery, where each brushstroke became a testament to her dedication and mastery of the craft.

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5. Makeup Artist Ankita Sachdeva

Meet Ankita, a passionate and professional makeup artist on a journey of creativity and success. She discovered the booming potential of the makeup industry and decided to make her mark. Committed to quality over quantity, Ankita sets herself apart in this competitive field. Her inspiration comes from positive reviews from her clients who trust and appreciate her abilities and skills. Ankita aims for continuous growth, aspiring to conquer the industry and expand her expertise. She is preparing to contribute her artistry to more destination weddings in the coming years.

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