Rising Star Sakshi Chopra Unveils Debut Single “Ghosts” – A Fusion of Indian Roots and Contemporary Pop

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 30: Sakshi Chopra, the rising star on the music horizon, presents her English debut single “Ghosts” which is sung, written and composed by her. It is a mesmerizing blend of her Indian heritage and a contemporary pop-infused sound. This emotionally charged track delves into the haunting echoes of a past love, where memories linger like ghosts in the singer’s heart.

With poignant lyrics, “Ghosts” takes listeners on a musical journey through the intricate tapestry of love and loss. The verses poetically express inner turmoil, while the chorus yearns for solace amidst haunting reminiscences.

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The pre-chorus paints impending emotional battles and the desire to remain hidden in the depths of haunting feelings. The song’s powerful chorus delivers a message of enduring the impact of love’s ups and downs. Chopra’s lyrics convey a willingness to surrender cherished memories as the price for moving forward.

In the second verse, “Ghosts” explores the aftermath of attempting to replace a love that left an indelible mark.

This debut single is a testament to Sakshi Chopra’s artistry, skillfully combining traditional Indian elements with contemporary pop.

Sakshi Chopra’s “Ghosts” is set to captivate audiences worldwide, providing a unique and unforgettable musical encounter.

Reflecting on her debut single, Sakshi Chopra says “Indian artists are headlining at Coachella & gaining more recognition every day, there’s no better time to put myself out there. India doesn’t have much representation when it comes to an international English singing act, although we are the second largest English speaking country in the world. I’m thrilled to take on this journey. I have so many ideas & hope you dance to my tunes”

Watch here – https://youtu.be/CtFyivloNPY?si=usAa7-UcRkObyDNE

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