Love Elevated: Gift European Delights for a Gourmet Valentine’s Day!

As spring blooms and love fills the air, Valentine’s Day beckons, inviting you to express your love. Whether you’re gifting flowers or a box of delightful chocolates, each gift is an opportunity to share your appreciation for your partner. But this special day is more than just that…more than a gift, more than an emotion, more than love itself where one leaves no stone unturned in reaching their beloved’s heart! They say, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and what better way to show it than with something ‘More Than Food’! So, elevate your date night with food and beverages infused with authenticity, quality, sustainability, and safety.

This Valentine’s Day, bring Europe a little closer to home by incorporating elements of food and beverages from different regions across the European Union and its 27 member states to your celebration —the right way.

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Say It Sweetly with Chocolates!

Known for their exceptional quality, chocolates from the EU offer an intense eating experience.

For centuries, chocolates have served as a timeless means of expressing affection. Known for their exceptional quality, chocolates from the EU offer an intense eating experience. The velvety decadence and unparalleled craftsmanship of chocolates from the EU make them the perfect gift to show how much you cherish your partner.

Imagine the smile and joy of your other half when they unwrap your selection of mouthwatering Ganaches from Belgium and dark chocolate from Denmark. These chocolates are renowned for their exceptional quality and offer an intense eating experience, making the smile on your partner’s face everlasting. Whether you choose to gift Poland’s authentic caramel chocolates or Italy’s hazelnut chocolates, you convey your love by presenting high-quality, authentic, and premium chocolates to your partner. These delights showcase the diverse and exquisite flavours stemming from the European Union.

Moreover, you can elevate the occasion by using your creativity in the kitchen and bake a decadent chocolate cake or by creating a dessert for your partner. Whether you make a buttery, jam-packed Austrian Linzer cookies using raspberry fruit spread from Austria or the authentic and artisanal Dutch pastry banketstaaf, you can make sure to add a special touch to your celebration. After all, handmade gifts add an extra layer of love and will make the night even more unforgettable – and romantic!

Creating Unforgettable Memories – Plan a Picnic!

Embrace the idyllic weather of February by planning a romantic picnic with your partner – bask in sweet conversations under the sun while indulging in delectable food. Help this picnic transcend the ordinary by creating an atmosphere that lingers long after the picnic is over.

The EU has a long-standing tradition of producing exceptional fruits, and the region is renowned for its high-quality agricultural products, that make the perfect addition to your picnic basket. Whether you add raspberries from Portugal, or include kiwi from Greece, you can be sure that they have been harvested under favourable climate and soil conditions. Complement this with the sweet gift of refreshing Orange Juice from Spain. To add deep and warm flavours to your outdoor romantic feast, add meats like Saucisson Sec from France or Pancetta from Italy and pair them with hand-crafted cheeses such as Durrus from Ireland or Boerenkaas from the Netherlands. Of course, you could also prepare a delectable sandwich using Mozzarella from Italy or a traditional Bratwurst sausage from Germany. By taking care of the magic of details, you will not just be sharing a meal; you will be creating memories to last a lifetime.

Curate a Movie Night Experience

Planning a memorable movie date night involves more than just picking a film. A great way to make it more special is by choosing a theme for the night, whether it’s a classic romance true to the occasion or a marathon of your favourite series. You can always add a touch of flair with an artisanal charcuterie board to snack on while enjoying the movie. Allow your partner to savour the diverse flavours of Europe as they explore the buttery and creamy notes of Havarti cheese, PGI from Denmark, paired with the savoury and smoky flavours of Smoked Pork Breakfast Ham from Belgium, or maybe indulge in the nutty taste of Emmental Cheese from France, perfectly paired with the rich, salty flavour of Prosciutto Crudo from Italy. As you craft this charcuterie love affair, let the quality and craftsmanship of EU products be at the heart of your evening. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use Chorizo Riojano from Spain and Azeite de Trás-os-Montes PDO, an olive oil from Portugal, to prepare a delicious paella for the feast.

So, as you begin the journey of gourmet gifting this Valentine’s Day, let the flavours and the essence of Europe be your guide. Give a bespoke hamper and explore the extraordinary culinary world of Europe, and you will not be giving simple food and drinks – you will be sharing experiences that linger on the palate and in the heart. This Valentines Day, we hope you indulge, cherish, and love the European way!

Food and beverages from the European Union are available at modern trade outlets and online stores across India.

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