Hubtown: A residential hub of luxury living in the lap of nature

In the bustling landscape of Mumbai’s real estate, Hubtown Limited has emerged as a classic example of luxury, seamlessly blending opulence with a holistic living experience and productivity. This residential gem has been the subject of insightful discussions with top executives and professionals who have chosen Hubtown’s residences as their abode. Among the gems in their portfolio, the standout project, Hubtown 25 South, epitomises opulence, modernity, and a commitment to providing great living experiences.

The allure of luxury in nature’s lap is made possible at Hubtown. With a range of recreational activities, green spaces, and thoughtful amenities, this space provides more than just a home – it offers a lifestyle. The strategic location and well-connected to key points in the city, add to the charm.

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Let’s explore what makes Hubtown a coveted address, which is redefining the essence of luxurious living.

Elevating living spaces through ROX
At the core of Hubtown 25 South experience is the concept of Return on Experience (ROX). Executives like Sumit Rai, Managing Director and CEO of Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, and Vighnesh Shahane, CEO and MD of Ageas Federal Life Insurance, share their perspectives on the correlation between living spaces and productivity. While Rai emphasises the importance of a positive home environment for enhanced efficiency at work, Shahane delves into the nuances of ROX in both corporate and personal spheres.

Living experiences and productivity
Vighnesh Shahane’s role as CEO and MD of Ageas Federal Life Insurance lends unique insights into the importance of ROX. He suggests that individuals seeking comfort and enhanced productivity should invest significantly in residences like 25 South. From the correlation between living space and work efficiency to stress management, Shahane’s journey exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between experiences and productivity.

ROX is the new ROI for residential properties
Delving into the details of Return on Experience (ROX), Samir Vora, Regional Director at Milliken India, sheds light on why people who understand maximising investments prefer residences like 25 South. Vora suggests that the modern investor looks beyond the conventional metrics of ROI, considering factors such as space, amenities, location, and overall experiential value.

Hubtown Limited stands tall as a testament to the evolving preferences of individuals who seek not only luxurious homes but also a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. The convergence of ROX, modern amenities, and thoughtful design makes Hubtown’s residential spaces a coveted address in the vibrant city of Mumbai. As the pursuit of abundant living continues, Hubtown remains at the forefront, unlocking a world where luxury meets tranquility.

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