How to Read Kundli

Vedic astrology has been proven effective and relevant since ancient times. The fact that people still follow something that emanated in Vedic times shows how trustworthy and helpful this science is. It has stood the test of time, proving its authenticity. However, some quirky and pessimists still question its importance. The possibility is that they may still need to meet the right astrologer who knows how to read Kundli.

If you think we’re talking about something unreal, like the best astrologer in India or the best astrologer near you, it’s not. You can’t rate an astrologer as best or otherwise because different astrologers interpret astrology principles differently, relying on their intuitions and experience. But, one important thing is that you should be wise enough to reach a good astrologer. Remember, a good astrologer is not restricted to any particular religion or country.

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A common practice in astrology studies or Kundli analysis is to mainly focus on the “lagna” or the D-1 chart. Many astrologers often center their analysis around the lagna chart to provide significant information about your life, but it’s important to note that this might offer inaccurate information. And this is what separates predictions from accurate predictions.

Astrological analysis and predictions should be relied only if you have your correct birth time. The main chart, D-1 (Lagna), changes every 2 hours, but the D-9 (Navamsa) chart can change every 2 to 3 minutes. Even a slight deviation by one minute can make whole analysis flawed. It’s not wise to rely on astrological predictions without accurate birth details. It will only be a guesswork if a prediction is set accurately by chance. It’s about your life; so do not depend like hitting an arrow in the dark! If you do not have accurate birth time, go for Birth time rectification 

Why do astrological predictions fail?

Different astrologers may give you different advice, even though they study the same astrological principles. The key is to find the right astrologer who reads and analyzes your Kundli correctly. Simply looking at a Kundli is different from truly understanding and interpreting it. If you think that by reading the general descriptions appearing automatically with free Kundli, you can decode your present and future, you are taking the true rules of Vedic astrology lightly.

Astrologers may make mistakes when they only focus on the main chart called the “lagna chart.” This chart gives only a partial view, and for a better understanding, astrologers need to work harder and study additional astrological charts, i.e. divisional charts. By studying divisional charts alongside the lagna chart, astrologers can significantly reduce the chances of inaccurate predictions. This dual-layered approach enhances their ability to predict with greater accuracy, providing clients with precise information about the occurrence and timing of various life events. It offers a detailed view, presenting minute details of everything you want.

Divisional charts give detailed information about your life including your nature, finances, education, job, family, health, children, career and more. They can even predict what might happen to you in the next few hours. Studying these charts is a scientific way to get precise details about different parts of your life.

Let’s consider an example. The birth chart can give a general idea about your career—whether you will do well or what might suit you broadly. However, when it comes to choosing the most suitable business line, understanding the ups and downs of your career, timing important decisions or recognizing good and bad phases in your career, all this information can be obtained through divisional charts, especially D-10, along with others. For clearer and more detailed information, using divisional charts is always preferred.

Importance of Divisional charts in astrology

Your birth chart reveals all about your past lives. The promises in your birth chart are the results of the past actions you will face in this life. Sometimes, families face challenges like early deaths, difficulties in having children, abnormalities in children, major setbacks in careers, or other hardships – this is often seen as the result of past actions. You can’t change the past, but by understanding your past deeds, you can make positive changes in your present actions. Karma modification is a great technique that helps rectify negative karma into positive ones, bringing better results.

Now, let’s talk about some finer skills distinguishing a good astrologer from others. Astrology and spirituality go hand in hand. An astrologer with an averse mindset or money-focused intentions can’t give you the right advice, and their suggestions may not be beneficial otherwise!

Decoding past live events and Karmic bondage, as indicated by Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart, requires extra expertise. In complex situations, astrologers use various techniques like South Indian Nadis, Bhrigu, Avakahada Chakra, Ravana, Ashtakvargas, and Prashana to analyze strict karmic associations. This inclusive approach is not just helpful but necessary for astrologers to predict with greater confidence, connecting the intricate threads of past and present life.

How to read kundli is a divine job by design and not default so you should find a good astrologer by using your own judgment. It’s important to recognize that becoming proficient in these various astrological techniques takes time. It requires not only a deep understanding of each method but also years of practical experience. While, you may not find the best astrologer who knows how to read a kundli, you can surely find some good astrologers. Use your own skills to find a person who knows how to read a birth chart and avoid reaching a novice. It takes years of research and practical experience for a person to be perfect and know how to read a Kundli.

In summary, for accurate astrology predictions, astrologers must learn and master various techniques. They should not stick to just one chart but explore Divisional charts for a more comprehensive analysis. Applying various astrological methods ensures accurate predictions. Astrology is a lifelong learning; one can never say he knows it all! Becoming a master in astrology is not just a job but a personal journey to uncover the secrets hidden in the birth chart and share that knowledge with others.

When you ask an astrologer for advice, know how to judge if an astrologer is good. So, choose the right astrologer to get the right guidance at a time when you need it the most.

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